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Call us : (888) 586-0496

Catskill Timber & Stone Works of Catskill,New York offers a number of professional services .These services include : Catskill water features , Catskill stone work  , Rustic handmade furniture , Small scale timber frame barn and timber frame shed kits  also have portable sawmill ... will travel .


Catskill water Features are something everyone should have at least one of . There is almost nothing more refreshing than having one of the many types of Catskill water features to come home to after a long day at work or for that fact any day and to see and hear the soothing sound of a water fall or water fountain . Catskill water features also have a tendency to get your morning started in the right direction if you take time with that first cup of coffee to take in the beauty and the relaxing sounds of the moving water . Catskill water features also make for a great conversatioal piece . Catskill water features are built-to-order with almost endless types of designs .Please see Catskill water feature gallery under services . Our Catskill water features have a range of prices starting as low as $ 500.00 . Alot depends on rather you have property with your own stone.

Catskill Timber & Stone Works of Catskill,New York offers professional services in all types of stone work . Catskill stone works includes stone walls , Patios , walkways , driveway columns , fireplaces , terracing , rock scaping and general landscaping . Catskill stone work is usually constructed with blue stone native to Catskill,New York . That of course is up to the customer . There are many types of natural stone and man made stone that can be incorperated into Catskill stone work . Catskill stone work makes for a life time of beauty , pleasure and needless to say great conversational pieces . Please see Catskill stone work gallery under services . Our Catskill stone work ranges from rustic to formal and without beating around the bush stonework is usually pricey . It is slow tedious work especially "formal" stone work shown below . Rustic stone work consisting more of field type stone seems to be a little faster going up . Patio and walkway stone work being faster yet , cut stone being faster than irregular stone work .

Handmade rustic furniture and is yet another professional service offered by Catskill Timber & Stone Work of Catskill,New York . My rustic handmade furniture is original and no two pieces are exactly the same unless of course the order calls for matching pieces . Each piece of my handmade rustic furniture is built-to-order and built from scratch . The handmade rustic funiture created at Catskill Timber & Stone works in Catskill,New York is promised to be one of a kind . The lumber used to create my handmade rustic furniture is usually created from trees native to Catskill,New York . Red & White Oak , Cherry , Hard & Soft Maple and rarely Black Walnut . White pine & Hemlock are also availible . Catskill Timber & Stone Works handmade rustic furniture line is constructed with mortise & tenon jionery and fastened by wedged wooded pegs . Please see handmade rustic furniture gallery under services . Prices on this rustic handmade furniture vary on the job and type of wood used in each project .The corner bench below for example has a finished price of $ 1200.00 .

Catskill Timber & Stone Works of Catskill,New York design and build small scale timber frame barn kits and timber frame shed kits .These rustic style  Catskill timber frame kits are built-to-order . My catskill timber frame kits are constructed with mortise & tenon jionery and fastened with wooded pegs . No nails or screws are used in the construction of these rustic catskill timber frame kits . The lumber used in my catskill timber frame kits  usually is White Pine , Hemlock  or Oak . Catskill Timber & Stone Works wiil deliver and erect catskill timber frame kits if  needed . Please see Catskill timber frame kits gallery under services .These rustic timber frame kits vary in price depending on size . The skeleton below measures  11' x 15' with 6' of head space on 2nd floor . Skeleton price for below rustic timber frame  kit is $ 4950.00

Have portable sawmill...will travel . Catskill Timber & Stone Works of Catskill,New York offers portable sawmilling services of all types . My portable sawmill is the king pin of alot of what goes on at Catskill Timber & Stone Works of Catskill,New York . All Catskill handmade furniture and Catskill timber frame kits get started by sawing out the material with this portable sawmill . This portable sawmill has seen alot of the country on a  large variety of different jobs . With this portable sawmill I am able to  have a large inventory of lumber on site at Catskill Timber & Stone Works of Catskill,New York . Alot of this inventory being 2" thick live edge Slabs for my Catskill rustic handmade furniture and timbers for my rustic Catskill timber frame kits . Please see portable sawmill gallery under services . Prices vary from .35 bf to .45 bf .Timbers being the lower price and 1' thick boards being the higher price .

Last and mabey the most exciting to me beside the construction of Catskill water features would be the designing and building  Catskill post & beam outhouse / garden shop kits . With the "green" state of mine these days I took things back a ways with this one . This little post & beam outhouse / garden shop kit is roughly 6.5' x 5.5' x 11' and fully shelved inside and overhead with bench for the business part of the outhouse . This post & beam outhouse / Garden shop kit  has a pegged joinery frame ,no nails . See Outhouse / Garden Shop Gallery

The "Nook" below is a ongoing project in my own house I am building . Seats and table are wormy Butternut . The nook floor is Walnut  . The main floor is variable widths  up to 14" q-sawn White Oak