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Portable Sawmill

Furniture, sheds, tree houses, and other buildings would not exist in my business if it were not for the capabilities of my Woodmizer portable sawmill. It is the kingpin of a lot of what goes on at Catskill Timber & Stone Works and allows me to create high-quality products with everything we assemble. Our handmade furniture, Catskill timber frame kits, and other projects are sawn out on this portable sawmill.

With our portable sawmill, we are able to travel the surrounding area and meet a variety of customer's needs. We produce a large inventory of lumber on-site and can cut pieces that are just right for building sturdy, long-lasting structures. We saw a lot of timbers and have a number of dimensions of it on hand and ready to go. This includes for our rustic timber frame kits and 2" thick, wide live edge slabs for our rustic handmade furniture. Also, have a 25" Woodmaster planer on-site for surface planning and finishing lumber.


Our sawmilling prices are competitive. Reach out to us in Catskill, New York, to learn more about them.