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Have Catskill Timber & Stone Works bring your wood or stone projects to life in any way you've envisioned. Not only do we transform the look of everything from guest houses to front lawns, but we also create stone fixtures, tree houses, and other outdoor structures to make houses into exquisite homes. Relax in your own space with full peace of mind whether this means enjoying the new waterfall in the backyard, tree house for your children, or timber frame barn we build. Our Catskill, New York, team also offers drone services and other accommodations to meet your needs. What project are you ready to have us create?


Custom Waterfall

Water Amenities

Stone Wall


Rustic Custom Furniture

Rustic Handmade Furniture

Timber Frame Barn

Small Scale Timber Frame Barn


Shed Kits

Tree House

Tree Houses


Drone Services

Free Estimates On Projects Within 20 Miles

for Projects Further Than 20 Miles Away There Will Be an Estimate Fee That Is Fully Refundable Upon signing a Contract for Services

About Our Owner

Frank Wathley says that a large part of his business consists of designing old-style outhouses. This part of his career started out more than 30 years ago cutting firewood in Arizona for the forest rangers. Cutting down diseased trees to prevent spreading of tree diseases and the spread of forest fires taught Frank how to be smart and flexible. He fell a particular tree and discovered it to be hollow on inside, not much good for firewood. He didn't realize it at the time but after cutting a firewood length piece out of the trunk and standing it on end, he realized he had something besides a piece of firewood. He started turning non-usable wood into usable items and bending in all directions to make his customers happy. All of his work is custom. Nothing is mass produced and everything we do has a handmade rustic touch.

"My heart goes into everything I create and Build."
- Frank -

All New Drone Services

This is a new service added to the great quality services we offer. We have the DJI Inspire 1 drone with a 4K camera and can provide drone services such as aerial viewing and video footage for weddings, parties, real estate marketing, and general aerial photos or videos. Drone services are generally priced at $40 per hour.

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